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v2ray shadowsocks config json

Objects are unordered, so the order of the contents enclosed by braces { } doesn't matter, for example: The above two JSONs are actually equivalent. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. v2ray-plugin will look for TLS certificates signed by by default. Nope https, I'm now working through https. VMess hi @vanyaindigo sorry for so many questions, i hv read a lot(bits here and there on the internet rgd this), but never had chance to ask someone knowledgeable like you. This is mine: The available AEAD algorithms that Shadowsocks-libev currently supports includes the following. v2ray/xray [-h | help] [options]-h, help -v, version start V2Ray stop V2Ray restart V2Ray status V2Ray new v2ray json update V2Ray Release update [version] V2Ray multi-v2ray . sign in Open Windows PowerShell (right-click on Windows Start button, then select Windows Terminal). thought i did something wrong when it shows my vps ip instead of the cdn's ip. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. 2018-11-09 Adapt to v4.0+ configuration format. sudo apt install shadowsocks-libev. Then continue like this: Open a browser and go to Choose an encryption method. gistv2ray config.json . That being said, other configuration formats may be introduced in the furture. The client-server must have an incoming and outgoing configuration. Our example is socKsecreT2021%d. Obfuscation is another method that reduces the feature of your data stream, thus making it harder for GFW to determine whether your data stream is sent to a shadowsocks server. UDP bypasses the plugin (by shadowsocks design) and will try to connect to plain shadowsocks. VMess Please input password for shadowsocks-libev: (Default password:, Please enter a port for shadowsocks-libev [1-65535]. Shadowsocks is a secure socks5 proxy and was designed to protect your internet traffic. Your can still access your vps even if it is blocked by gfw. I've setup a Google Cloud instance, firewall has port 3128 open. The client-server must have an incoming and outgoing configuration. For Password put your chosen password, e.g. Click the Add button. There could be a lot of reasons leading to this. Will you consider this? chacha20-ietf-poly1305. V2Ray uses protobuf -based configuration. You client should specify the nginx port 80 instead of 8348. go build; Alternatively, you can grab the latest nightly from Circle CI by logging into Circle CI or adding #artifacts at the end of URL like such: . The resolution of the name localhost to one or more IP addresses is normally configured by the following lines in the operating system's hosts file: config.json could be as following: Or, perhaps Nginx couldn't handle the UDP packets. A configuration file looks like this. Test configuration, output any errors and then exit.-config. This may take a long time. Download shadowsocks-rust for Linux 64-bit from GitHub. Supports OTA . v2ray-plugin will look for TLS certificates signed by by default. Redistributable licenses place minimal restrictions on how software can be used, Here's some sample commands for issuing a certificate using CloudFlare. Pure SS will work with any TCP/UDP traffic. The implementation of Shadowsocks in V2Ray is compatible with Shadowsocks-libev, Go-shadowsocks2 and other clients based on the Shadowsocks protocol. . I use namesilo and search for domains with cheapest renewal prices. As protobuf format is less readable, V2Ray also supports configuration in JSON. V2Ray uses protobuf-based configuration. tls;;path=/wss;loglevel=none. A key is a string, and a value may be various of types, such as string, number, boolean, array or another object. Restart Shadowsocks with your configuration file which now specifies the V2Ray plugin: Now you are going to work on the Windows PC that will be your client. so is it ok to ask question here in future, or where else would you suggest we get help? Configure Firefox to use a Manual proxy configuration. is that correct? For example: Leave the extra attributes (challenge password and company name) blank. For domain name you can use To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. A typical object is like below: V2Ray supports comments in JSONannotated by "//" or "/* */". but the website with tls works fine. Thus you see the port number changing between ss-libev service restarts. apt update apt install -y --no-install-recommends gettext build-essential autoconf libtool libpcre3-dev asciidoc xmlto libev-dev . Here's some sample commands for issuing a certificate using CloudFlare. Your Password : socKsecreT2021%d, Welcome to visit:, scp root@ Downloads/ca.crt,,,, X-UI, a multi-user Xray graphical management panel (replacing V2-UI and V2Ray). Unfortunately when I tried to run ss with v2ray plugin The nginx service seems to be working well, since when trying to visit super******, it will be forwarded to Or, perhaps Nginx couldn't handle the UDP packets. Compatibility with official version: Supports both TCP and UDP connections, where UDP can be optional turned off. Before this section is finished, I would like to talk more about some details about the configuration. v2ray (net/v2ray) Updated: 1 week, 1 day ago Add to my watchlist 4 A proxy server for bypassing network restrictions. yup, all internet surfing working fine :) saw a post before saying that we could inspect the traffic header to make sure no 'thumbprint' so will not flag by by gfw's dpi, ss will only work for http/https traffic, any other protocol will be route(go directly) to the destination? Alternatively, you can specify path to your certificates using option cert and key. ss-local -c config.json -p 443 --plugin v2ray-plugin --plugin-opts " mode=quic; " Issue a cert for TLS and QUIC v2ray-plugin will look for TLS certificates signed by by default. Copy v2ray-plugin_windows_amd64.exe into the Shadowsocks folder Downloads\Shadowsocks- HTTP Outcoming Therefore we directly give the example configuration. Email address. In Settings, on the General page, under Network Settings, click Settings. privacy statement. Installation What about resolver? Password in Shadowsocks protocol. thanks alot. I checked the profile.db-wal with notepad and incorrect arguments are passed to the plugin, thats why it never connects. client. Used for user identification. SSH into your server. ps: why I start it using this command, it is because if I use systemctl start shadowsocks-libev, it cannot start v2ray-plugin, but this way works. could anybody help me to investigating the issue ? But with Cloudflare there are more possibilities. You signed in with another tab or window. super****** is a subdomain name I registered linked to my VPS. However, using obfuscation will reduce the speed of your shadowsocks. netstat show ss server is listening both on tcp and udp. However, UDP doesn't seem to work. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the format of JSON before the actual configuration. I have built ss with v2ray plugin through nginx without tls, it is working fine. You could definitely start a shadowsocks server via a single command by attaching all parameters to it, but it is also good to create a configuration file which helps you no longer need to enter the long parameter list manually. In the Microsoft Management Console: Click File. Unzip For Server IP, put the IP address of your server, e.g. May be IPv4, IPv6 or domain address. What android client do you use? Print the version of V2Ray only, and then exit.-test. This article discusses the details of why AEAD based encryption algorithms are safer than stream encryption + OTA algorithms. to use Codespaces. If this field is not specified, V2Ray auto detects OTA settings from incoming connections. For values, if it's a string it needs quotes, while numbers do not need to be double quoted. it actually can not be visited here since DNS pollution. Alternatively, you can specify path to your certificates using option cert and key. If not, you can install it by following this instruction. Avilable formats are: Path to the local config file. If you would like to shut down the server, use ps -ef | grep ss-server to get the pid of your shadowsocks server, and then kill the process using kill. Shadowsocks protocol, for both inbound and outbound connections. Please Run the install script by issuing the command: Enter your choise of password, port, and encryption method. Both ss & vray_plugin android clients are downloaded from the GooglePlay Store. "password":"yourshadowsocksserverpassword", "plugin_opts":"path=/yourpath;;tls". This creates a folder Downloads\Shadowsocks- It will be named something like v2ray-plugin-windows-amd64-v1.3.1.tar.gz. shadowsocks-libev is a lightweight secured socks5 proxy for embedded devices and low end boxes. You can confirm the service is running by netstat -ltp, and check if the port is actually in LISTEN state and served by corresponding v2ray plugin. In some usages, the address part can be omitted, like ":443". V2Ray. Or, if you want the shadowsocks server run as a background process (as most people do), execute the following command instead. JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, in short is objects in Javascript. Also set Firefox to proxy DNS queries over the SOCKS5 server. so gfw will only see that im going to the cdn, but wont know where is my real destination. But it can be visited using ss. .win). But unfortunately the plugin asks for a cert file which is incorrect, it shouldnt ask for that when in client mode, it should ask for that only in server mode. The easiest way to check is if the traffic is running, then everything is fine. The configuration file of V2Ray is in JSON format, and the configuration of Shadowsocks is also in JSON format. At the end of the install script, the parameters are redisplayed: Add lines for the plugin and plugin options, like this: Remember the comma after what used to be the last option. In this way all your traffic is encrypted. Sign the certificate signing request, creating your certificate: Generate a private key for your server certificate: Make the server private key readable by Nginx: Delete the default contents, and enter contents as below: Change /abcdefgh to a secret path of your choice. And each protocol may have its own transport, such as TCP, mKCP, WebSocket, etc. Check the box to proxy DNS requests when using SOCKS v5. Open the program installation manual. Your run of the script will look like this: Wait while the installs and compiles take place. Server may choose to enable, disable or auto. Vice versa. Only TCP goes through the plugin. Sequence of characters, surrounded by quotation mark. This package is not in the latest version of its module. Next you need to verify the nginx forwarding chain. v2ray. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. If true and the incoming connection doesn't enable OTA, V2Ray will reject this connection. Besides, this gist suggests AES based algorithm performs badly on ARM processors. No. In Firefox, visit Nginx access.log. By following its README file, Shadowsocks-libev could be installed with the following two commands. Domain name is the easiest part. Shadowsocks. By entering ss-server -h in the console, all the parameters of the command ss-server are given. , // Whether enable OTA, default is false, we don't recommand enable this as decrepted by Shadowsocks. V2Ray supports many protocols, including Socks, HTTP, Shadowsocks, VMess, and more. My phone is rooted so I have no issue with pushing the file back to the phone. However, because V2Ray supports many functions, the configuration is inevitably more complicated. SS works as with IPv4, so with IPv6. Server may choose to enable, disable or auto. This means the HTTP connection is not good. Shadowsocks-libev Docker Image by Teddysun. the problem here is v2ray-plugin behind nginx with tls does not work. active v2ray-plugin plugin, and set plugin opts as;path=/ss, set port as 80, if with tls, then set plugin opts as tls;;path=/ss and port as 443. remove = from location = /ss m like location /ss, i dont belive you can pass nginx -t with your config; (124** Android 4G; 222** Windows PC) Extract the contents of the archive. See command line args for advanced usages. the vps or cdn? Modules with tagged versions give importers more predictable builds. hopefully this time it will work :). by default it is disabled. Think up a port number. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. Create a config.json file like this: Today I'd like to try the v2ray plugin but I came to similar problems. Start Shadowsocks.exe for the first time. Then attach the following lines to your configuration file so that Shadowsocks-libev uses v2ray-plugin to obfuscate its data stream. is that ok? Just configure V2Ray and just look at it here. So could anyone tell me how I came to this problem? I almost give up, but I succeed with last attempt. Import CA Certificate on Client. Learn more about bidirectional Unicode characters . Right-click on that, and use 7-Zip again to extract from this the application v2ray-plugin_windows_amd64.exe. but when I only add tls support for nginx and modify client config accordingly, it did not work. By the way, until now I don't know where to register a domain name at an acceptable cost(not a subdomain name) to utilize CLOUDFLARE service. vray_plugin should listen both ipv4 and ipv6. By the way. Stories about how and why companies use Go, How Go can help keep you secure by default, Tips for writing clear, performant, and idiomatic Go code, A complete introduction to building software with Go, Reference documentation for Go's standard library, Learn and network with Go developers from around the world. Hello I'm using the V2Ray plugin, I need to pass the plugin arguments like this: tls; ;path=/wss;loglevel=none But unfortunately the plugin asks for a cert file which is incorrect, it shouldn't ask for that when in client mode, it should ask for that only in server mode. -c config.json --plugin v2ray-plugin_linux_amd64. Once you've finished editing the config file (suppose the file name is config.json), you can start the shadowsocks server by executing the following command. Otherwise, itd be great if we could just have an option to pass plugin options as a string (for v2ray plugin) or as a JSON file (for cloak plugin). This is because sometimes localhost are resolved to ipv6 address. And this is my detailed instruction for Russian-speaking rookies:, hi all, just finish reading this thread and got a couple questions as im interest too to try out ss+v2ray setup-. Finally, i get where the bug is! chacha20-poly1305 a.k.a. A domain name costs much less than your VPS. If you do not already have Firefox installed, install Firefox now from ss-server -c config.json -p 443 --plugin v2ray-plugin --plugin-opts "server;mode=quic;" Unlike Shadowsocks, V2ray supports numerous protocols, both inbound and outbound. after reading that, it seems hving a webserver is a good idea for 'camouflage'. i did try installing before from the reddit post, but somehow stuck at getting the certificate - authentication error, so after many tries, i decide to try another method. Learn more about the CLI. Finally, it doesn't work for my phone with v2ray plugin. Name: shadowsocks. Warning: HTTP only provides a moderate (but lightweight) traffic obfuscation. It seems the SQLite file is password protected, how can I find out the password so I can modify this file by hand and fix the arguments? By following this post, you can create an SS + V2Ray plugin server without having to buy a domain name. However, UDP doesn't seem to work. It keeps changing. V2Ray can be configured as either a Shadowsocks server or a client. Sign in Well occasionally send you account related emails. Required. 1: ss-server -c /path/to/config.json: . If you have configured Shadowsocks-libev before, compare with it, and you will able to understand the example in this section. Step 1 Logging In as Root. When AEAD encryption is used, this field has no effect. It is recommended to use AEAD ciphers (cipher could be aes-256-gcm, aes-128-gcm, chacha20-poly1305 for enabling AEAD), OTA will be invalid when enabling AEAD; The simple-obfs plugin of Shadowsocks has been deprecated and you can use the new V2Ray-based obfuscation plugin (but V2Ray's Websocket/http2 + TLS also works); You can use V2Ray's transport layer configuration (see. Work fast with our official CLI. Yet another SIP003 plugin for shadowsocks, based on v2ray,, Alternatively, you can grab the latest nightly from Circle CI by logging into Circle CI or adding. By assigning an URL to obfs-host parameter on the client, your data stream will look like data accessing the URL you defined. Because of the protocol bug, OTA (one-time authentication) of Shadowsocks has been deprecated and switched to AEAD (authenticated encryption with associated data). I think listening on 80 at the same time won't impact anything of tls. The server in this post runs Debian 11, and the client runs Windows 11. The nginx access log above shows you're getting http 499 responses. "plugin_opts":"server;;path=/example;loglevel=none". Theme NexT works best with JavaScript enabled. Array of elements. are you part of the cool team that develop this? Required. An object whose keys and values have fixed types. Hello Im using the V2Ray plugin, I need to pass the plugin arguments like this: V2Ray has the following commandline parameters: v2ray [-version] [-test] [-config = config.json] [-format = json]-version. Note that you would need extra configuration on your client shadowsocks application so that obfuscation works. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. "plugin-opts" should be "plugin_opts". Select Computer account, and click Next. modified, and redistributed. Case: Fractal Design Define 7 XL Power Supply: Corsair RM750X 80+ Gold Motherboard: Supermicro X11SPI-TF CPU: Intel Xeon Silver 4210T (10c/20t) Cascade Lake 2.3/3.2 GHz 95 W RAM: 3x 64 GB + 1x 32 GB DDR4 2400 ECC LRDIMM Extra SAS: Passthrough HPE H220 (LSI 9205-8i) - FW P20.00.07.00 Boot Pool: 2x Intel DC S3500 480 GB SSD - Mirrored Storage pool: 4x 6TB HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 - Striped Mirrors Copy to clipboard . However, because V2Ray supports many functions, the configuration is inevitably more complicated. As a proxy protocol toolbox, V2Ray supports the Shadowsocks protocol. however, it still tells that "no internet connection: unable to resolve host No address associated with hostname ", I guess that there must be something run with nginx-v2rayplugin forwarding chain. as the other forums(linux, ubuntu, etc) dont hv this topic. lets say we use the setup here correctly and add a cdn, what IP address will 'whatismyip' show? Install 7-Zip from if you do not have it on your PC already. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Installing Packages sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install build-essential haveged -y sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) sudo apt-get install curl -y sudo apt-get install shadowsocks-libev -y . Boolean value, has to be either true or false, without quotation mark. In addition, I think I need to add a few points to the introduction of the document: All punctuation marks in JSON file must use half-width symbols (English symbols). Build. The introduction inside is simple and clear. All strings must be enclosed in double quotes " ", as all keys strings, so keys should also be enclosed in double quotes. 4. Finally, the shadowsocks server can be started as the previous section mentioned. Here is a brief introduction of JSON data types. There are multiple versions of Shadowsocks available, including the original Python based Shadowsocks, the Shadowsocks-libev, and ShadowsocksR. Default value is false. Only two booleans are true and false. For the server side, try to use this nginx configuration: I bought a domain name super*****.xyz. The type of its elements is usually the same, e.g., [string] is an array of strings. Open a Run box ( Win + r ), type mmc, and click OK. Typically you'll get $2.95 a year for a domain (e.g. (I searched about JSON on Google The article is rather long-winded, I guess its for programmers, so we dont need to get confused. It does work. URI of the configuration. Copy the binary into the same folder as the extracted shadowsocks binaries. then, i modified the ss-android config as following. Since V2ray is taking over the http traffic, the port specified in ss-libev is actually served by v2ray, and then the decoded traffic is passed to ss-libev through a insignificant port number. A key value pair usually ends with a comma ",", but must not ends with a comma if it is the last element of the object. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. In the window Add or Remove Snap-ins, select Certificates. Thus, it has been suggested that AES based algorithms shall be used for desktop clients, while chacha based algorithms shall be used for mobile clients. Select the option Add/Remove Snap-in. Cautious users should refrain from using this mode. For the tcp port, it's working properly. Instead of using cert to pass the certificate file, certRaw could be used to pass in PEM format certificate, that is the content between -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- without the line breaks. They will be referenced in the rest of docs. In this section, we will give the instructions about configuring Shadowsocks protocol with V2Ray. Please select stream cipher for shadowsocks-libev: Which cipher you'd select(Default: aes-256-gcm):1, Press any key to startor press Ctrl+C to cancel. Change the config files to suit your preferences, using the configuration section of the official wiki for guidance and read our protocol explanation below. From the Firefox hamburger menu, choose Settings. Shadowsocks protocol, for both inbound and outbound connections. I have nginx on port 3128 forwarding to port 10001 internally, and v2ray-plugin configured to renew bosnian passport in usa, perfume that smells like caramel and vanilla,

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v2ray shadowsocks config json

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